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Rishikesh is a favorite destination in the Himalayan Valley frequented by both pilgrims and adventure enthusiasts aloike. The entire himalayan valley in green blue colour with green mountains, blue & white waters kissed on the horizons by clear blue skies — this place indeed instantly recharges flagged energies.The air of ancient culture, a feel of the more modern version of yogis migrated from the west & the more traditional indian saints, the freshness & alive energy of the air, the smell of monsoon mud, the murmuring sound of the holy ganges as she flows with all her might, the sight of the milky white waters as they splash against the stones/rocky beaches — Rishikesh truly is the abode of Mother nature in her very pristine form. The beautiful himalayan valley is frequented by tourists for adventure sports like rafting, kayaking, trekking, bungee jumping etc.

Rishikesh is situated at a peak of around 1360 feet above ocean level. Rishikesh is spotted with various antiquated Hindu temples, ashrams and acclaimed meditation and yoga centers. Aficionados, as well as explorers from all parts of the world flock this holy destination in search of inner peace. Many spend months together living and volunteering at the several ashrams situated along the banks of the Ganges or spend time in silent self reflection, learning yoga etc.

Rishikesh has been recognized internationally as the centre for yoga and meditation, thanks to the numerous yoga gurus, yoga ashrams that have sprung up in the valley in the recent years in addition to the spiritually serene atmosphere here. People from all over the world visit the place seeking salvation, inner peace or adventure.

The Ganga aarti ceremony is conducted every evening at the Parmarth Niketan Ashram located on the banks of the Ganges which is a quiet ceremony with a few bhajans and few people.

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River Rafting:

Rafting in the Ganges is an experience that is not worth missing on a trip to Rishikesh. The river offers stretches with several rapids that are most suitable for this safe yet adventure filled sport. Several camps and resorts have sprung in the Shivpuri area of Rishikesh that have rafting guides and organise rafting expeditions in the ganges.

The rapids can vary in the level of intensity for different routes. Depending upon the level and inclination of the rafters, the guides recommend several rafting options ranging from beginners to advanced. Body surfing, cliff jumping or just enjoying the cold water splashes while rafting, this is indeed a memorable experience.

Lakshman Jhula:

Lakshman Jhula an iron suspension connect that the outskirts of the Tehri and Pauri region of Rishikesh. It's situated 04 kms a long way from Railway Station of Rishikesh. Laxman Jhula is almost four hundred and fifty- Feet long Bridge on the River Ganges.

Lord Ram’s sibling Lakshman is said to have crossed the Ganges on a jute rope and later the bridge was built in honour of Lakshman. The bridge appears to be suspended over the flowing river and connects to the triyambakeshwar temple which has numerous idols of various deities depicting legends of the Vedic times.


Ashrams are a noteworthy crowd puller in Rishikesh. These ashrams offer normal courses and classes on ancient yoga systems, meditation methods and ayurvedic healing therapies.

Noteworthy amongst the ashrams are the Gita Ashram, swarg ashram and the Swami Shivanand Ashram.

Bharat Temple:

It's the most old, most holy & most well known temple located at the heart of the city. It's accepted that city's existence started to exist with this temple just. It is additionally accepted that if any traveler upon the arrival of Akshya Tritiya takes 108 parikarmas (rounds) of Lord Shri Hrishikesh Naranyan at this sanctuary and looks for the gift at his feet (it is just day when Lord's feet are revealed), all his wishes are fulfilled and it is proportional to the piligrimage to Badrinath.

Triveni Ghat:

The most mainstream bathing ghat in Rishikesh, the Triveni Ghat is the point where River Ganges takes a complete right edge turn. Hindus likewise accept that it's here that the three blessed streams Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati meet. Each morning, scores of travelers and lovers can be seen here taking a blessed plunge in the celestial waters of the Ganga. At night, the sight at the ghat is just heart mixing. Vedic serenades, to the backup of drums and ringers, can be heard all around and a profound air encompasses the entire spot. Small oil lights on adorned leaf pontoons skimming on the Ganges add much appeal to the entire air.

Ram Jhula:

The spot (or the extension) is similarly prevalent with aficionados and travelers. It stays suspended 3 km north of Rishikesh town. It pulls in many guests because of the way that it lies simply near to the prevalent ashrams - Geeta Bhawan and Swarg Ashram. Guests can't bear to miss the captivating night petition to God (which goes on for 30 minutes) at the Geeta Bhawan's ghat. Nourishment beaus can make a beeline for the 50-year-old and the exceptionally well known Chotiwala restaurant, situated in Ram Jhula.

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