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Guidelines For Corona

AANANDA HOLIDAYS – Guidelines for the Travelers During period of Covid-19

  • Booking and travels plans are to be accepted for tourists with no medical history of the virus in the last 28 days, especially in case of inbound/Domestic travelers.
  • Bookings required only in the advance by only e-mail.
  • Proper record and logs are to be mentioned for each traveler by Aananda Holidays like Information of age, medical history, allergies etc.
  • Aananda Holidays will provide detailed itinerary to each tourist with details on vehicle, stay, layovers, activities etc.
  • We make sure that guidelines based on advice from health authorities which may include the wearing of face masks, guidance on hand hygiene and social distancing is provided to the tourist beforehand.
  • Our Office staff be trained to answer all questions by the travelers
  • Our Group size will be maximum Upto 12 pax.
  • Our All vehicles must thoroughly disinfect prior to boarding of tourists.
  • High touch areas (door handles, seats, seat backs, steering wheel, power window buttons, door locks, windows, screens, small portable TV screens etc.) must sprayed with disinfectant surface cleaner regularly by Aananda Holidays.
  • Hand sanitizer dispenser, Face Shield and masks Always available in every vehicle
  • Aananda Holidays is make sure that all information provided to tourist is strictly through digital means (this may include tour itinerary; safety precautions for hygiene and disinfection)
  • We recommend to tourist Strictly follow pre-planned itineraries (to avoid peak hours) with minimum layover at pre-determined stops only
  • Our all drivers are well educated regarding to Health consciousness for our tourist safety and security.
  • Our Drivers/helpers should always wear masks and gloves and undergo thermal screening before every new assignment.
  • We make sure regarding the training of drivers in hygiene and sanitation practices and troubleshooting risks.
  • Our representative/Driver meets & greets the tourists saying “Namaste”.
  • Our Tourism personnel always carry sanitation equipment and wear mask for protection.
  • We always provide Face masks and sanitizers available to guests on demand.
  • We always trying to ensure temperature check and mask usage before boarding of vehicle by our tourist.
  • Our representative/Drivers always used gloves while handling of luggage.
  • We recommended to all tourists must mandatorily download Aarogya Setu mobile application and fill survey questionnaire
  • Sick or unwell tourist to be immediately taken for checkup to nearest hospital in separate vehicle (Cost will bare by the tourist)
  • We suggest to our guest that they should Manage restaurant or specified area and implement queue management systems that support social distancing requirements
  • Limitation of passengers and social distancing to be maintained on shuttle rides, boat rides, jeep safaris, ropeways, etc by themselves.
  • We recommended to our guest temperature check and face mask before entering a destination/Hotel.
  • We try our best to ensure that tickets are bought online for destination if available.
  • At Monuments / Museums, ensure gloves are worn by employees and tourists by themselves.

        VIDEO LINK : Sanitization of Vehicle Before and After Trip

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