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Badrinath Yatra 2022

Badrinath is a temple which is dedicated to lord Vishnu everyone knows this but very few people knew this that this temple is also famous for goddess Lakshmi who is Goddess of Money, Splendour and happiness. When ancient time lord Vishnu did not aware about winter and he was meditating then that time for saving lord Vishnu, Goddess Lakshmi covered him in the form of Badri tree. We must say that the temple is famous in every Hindu.

The temple is a part of chota chardham that is why lots of people came here across the world to fulfil their wishes and want to pray their happiness and prosperous life. Lots of celebrity and politician also came here every year.

The temple is located in Chamoli district in Uttarakhand state. And surrounded by the two big mountain Nar and Narayan. The Alaknanda River flows at some distance from the temple so the people say that the temple is built at the bank of alaknanda. This is the last crowdy area of India after Badrinath you will visit India’s last village named “MANA”. People know this temple by another name “Badrinarayan temple” because Narayan mean Lord Vishnu, it I another name of Lord Vishnu. The temple building has its three structure know as: Garbhgreh, Darshan Mandap, Sabha Mandap.

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